Our specialists  are also able to modify a classic to a remarkable extent....   the main objection to the heavy, metal classics is the lack of power steering, power brakes, air conditioning and electronic fuel injection capability.  This is easy stuff....but the ability to modify your dash to a digital system, the addition of Bluetooth capabilities, electronics to add backup cameras and many other current amenities are only limited by imagination.  The possibility of driving a 2017 equipped vehicle with a 1966 body is mind blowing, yes?

R&R Restorations      Classic CAr Restoration

Media blasting is used to remove paint and other body materials.  This process exposes the bare metal and is used to determine how much bodywork is needed to restore the metal to the desired condition through our bodywork craftsmanship.

Our craftsman has the expertise and takes the time to sculpt the body to those amazing vehicle lines so revered in your classic.  This process makes the most perfect base for the upcoming paint project.




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 Paint could be the  perfect expression in  your vehicle design.  With a wide range from high metallic to intricate two tones, our in house paint booth allows us to tackle any job .  The paint can conform to the original paint or be as diverse as your imagination.

Interior paint  is important and can be designed with your particular tastes and ideas as a driving force.  You decorate your home, why not your car?

What's  YOUR  vision?

R&R energetically  strives to help your dream car become a reality.  We do not tire of the stories associated with your vehicle and of the dream you have of the finished vehicle.

Our staff has the skill and desire to assist you in your project completion.  Be it a simple modification, collision or full restoration, we will work with you to achieve dream car status.